August 2017 Meeting

Recalling the 2017 AHS Convention

Margaret Ann and Tom Hill attended this year’s AHS Annual Convention. They came away with many photos and great memories of their trip. Through a slide show and talk they will share their moments spent there. Remember… a photo is worth a thousand words! Margaret Ann’s slide show is surely in line with this adage. And, don’t forget Tom’s selected topics talk will close the program.

As those of you who have attended past AHS conventions know, the garden tours offered are one of its highlights. The chosen city for the convention goes all out to show off their gardens of daylily heaven.

Yet, the convention also has a full program of other annual events. There is the AHS auction, where excitement rules. The Annual Awards given out, to the surprise of the winners and exuberance of the audience attending. If you don’t believe this… ever attended the Academy Awards or a Movie Premier? I’d say this event is comparable to either event. Then, there are site visits included that showcase the host city. Honestly, the convention agenda touches on events dear to daylily enthusiasts.

All this as well as delicious snacks and drinks to enjoy during the program! Join us on a memorable journey. You will be very glad you did.

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