SADS Sells Daylilies at the Festival of Flowers

The San Antonio Daylily Society will again be selling daylilies at the 2018 San Antonio Festival of Flowers.

Be sure to visit the daylily plant sales booth as well as the daylily bloom display tables on May 26 at the festival at its new location at the Austin Highway Event Center. | more

Let’s Go On with the Show!!

SADS Slates Daylily Exhibit at the 2018 Festival of Flowers - Saturday, May 26

The 2018 San Antonio Festival of Flowers has been announced for a new location, and SADS will be there with its daylilies to show, tell and sell.

MARK THE DATE: Saturday, May 26 for the Festival of Flowers. The festival is a must-attend event for area gardeners. It is an annual event that brings together gardeners from throughout South Texas. | more

SADS Members Survey

SADS Favorite Daylily Votes in the 2017 AHS Popularity Poll

Late in 2017, American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) members were asked to vote in the AHS Popularity Poll for their favorite daylilies. By "favorite", the understanding is a daylily that consistently performs well and is recommended to others in the region. Each member can vote for up to ten daylilies.

The San Antonio Daylily Society belongs to Region 6, which includes AHS daylily clubs in Texas and New Mexico. | more

New Location

SADS Meeting Location for 2018

SADS (San Antonio Daylily Society) will be having its meetings in a new location at the San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABG) in 2018.

As the botanical garden expands and makes changes, we will be meeting in the Sunday House in the garden, unless otherwise specified. | more

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