New Location

SADS Meeting Location for 2018

SADS (San Antonio Daylily Society) will be having its meetings in a new location at the San Antonio Botanical Garden (SABG) in 2018.

As the botanical garden expands and makes changes, we will be meeting in the Sunday House in the garden, unless otherwise specified. | more

August 2017 Meeting

Recalling the 2017 AHS Convention

Margaret Ann and Tom Hill attended this year’s AHS Annual Convention. They came away with many photos and great memories of their trip. Through a slide show and talk they will share their moments spent there. Remember… a photo is worth a thousand words! Margaret Ann’s slide show is surely in line with this adage. And, don’t forget Tom’s selected topics talk will close the program. | more

July Meeting:

San Antonio Daylily Society's July Program

Greetings SADS members.

A reminder that our monthly meeting will be Sunday, July 16 at 2:00 p.m. in the Education Building at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. | more

Festival of Flowers 2017

Daylilies to be Sold at the Festival of Flowers on May 27th

It's that time of the year again: we're getting ready for our annual Daylily Sale at the Festival of Flowers.

Traditionally, we will offer a variety of daylilies. Our bareroot double fan daylilies will sell for $10.00.

As always, our SADS club members are looking forward to seeing you. If you have been buying from us in previous years, tell us about your blooms. And if you need some advice, our members will be on hand to provide attendees with some growing tips. | more

Daylily Show 2017

SADS Shows Its Daylilies at the 2017 Festival of Flowers

San Antonio Daylily Society members once again will be at the San Antonio Festival of Flowers on May 27 to show some of their blooms, sell daylilies and talk to visitors about their favorite flower.

The Festival of Flowers is a great event for all San Antonio area gardeners to enjoy. This year’s festival marks the 20th anniversary. SADS members have been at the festival with daylilies for the past several years. | more

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